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Atomix 3D is a educational logical puzzle video game for PC and smartphones. The object of the game is to assemble molecules from compound atoms by moving the atoms on a playfield.

Game takes place on a playfield consisting of a number of walls, with the atoms scattered throughout. The player is tasked with assembling a molecule from the atoms. The atoms must be arranged to exactly match the molecule displayed on the left side of the screen.

The player can choose an atom and move it in any of the four cardinal directions. A moved atom keeps sliding in one direction until it hits a wall or another atom. Solving the puzzles requires strategic planning in moving the atoms, and on later levels with little free space, even finding room for the completed molecule can be a problem.

Once the molecule is assembled, the player is given a score; the faster the puzzle was completed, the higher the score.

Each puzzle must be completed within a time limit. The entire game consists of 30 puzzles of increasing difficulty. 


Buy Now$7.99 USD or more

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